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Clean Edge Says Cleantech Jobs Are Everywhere.

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Israeli ‘Soil Dipstick’ Forecasts Health of Planet Earth -

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Israeli Drug can help save bees around the world from Colony Collapse Disorder

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Global warming the most powerful myth in human history -

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Countries where Hemp is produced -
The Real Reason Hemp is Illegal -
Hemp and Marijuana Myths and Realities -

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Better Place to Market Renault Electric Cars in Israel in 2010

Reported: 12:40 PM - Sep/17/09
( The first Renault electric cars will be available to Israelis beginning in 2010, after Shai Agassi's Better Place, which is building the infrastructure for electric cars in Israel, signed an agreement with Renault this week for the import of the Fluence ZE model. Better Place will handle the importing and sales, with motorists who buy electric cars "subscribing" to their battery refueling services. Better Place has committed to selling a total of 100,000 vehicles in Israel by 2016.

The FluenceZE is a family size sedan, capable of doing travelling up to 160 KM (100 miles) on single charge. Better Place has designed a battery changing system that can replace an empty battery with a full one within five minutes.

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Israeli Electric scooters for green hipsters
By Karin Kloosterman
July 22, 2009
Bicycles are great for the environment, but you can't arrive at work or school dripping with sweat. A new earth-friendly solution hitting the streets in New York and Tel Aviv this summer comes in the form of electric powered scooters.

With little noise, no fumes and low power needs, green hipsters everywhere are looking for Trekker, an Israeli-made and relatively inexpensive solution to get around town.

You can't yet buy a Trekker in New York - the ones on the streets were bought in Israel and taken back by plane or shipped over - but Trekker factories are about to open in pilot sites in Europe, as a step to bringing its production one "putt" closer to the United States market.

Inventor Arik Yehuda, 41, is taking it step by step because parts and service centers need to be close by in order to provide customer service.

The electric-powered Trekkers were first conceived about five years ago in south Tel Aviv. After investigating what's on the market, Yehuda, an engineer, developed his line of scooters, which he claims are the fastest and best. Sales began about three years ago. Today they are selling like hotcakes.

Designed according to a buyer's specifications in hot pink, turquoise, or anything in between, "we have the knowledge to make it gas or hybrid if we want. I can make something for elderly people or for extreme people," Yehuda tells ISRAEL21c.

Long, tall, short or small

"We can customize them for short people, or long people. We can customize from the bottom to the top," he says. "You can pick the color and we will paint it. You can choose your rims, brakes, and suspension. Like a car. You choose whatever you want."

As a result, the Trekker, either an electric stand-up scooter or a model that comes with a seat, can match your personal style and taste.

Yehuda's two electric models, the 560 and the 560s with a seat, weigh in at about 66 pounds and can drive up to 18 miles an hour, even if Israeli law says they should drive no faster than seven miles an hour.

And if you want to soup up your ride, no problem, says Yehuda. Customers can order parts to make their Trekker a speed demon. "I produce the components and have the fastest scooters in the world," says Yehuda. "And all you need to ride one is a smile in the morning."

Yehuda, a graduate of industrial engineering at Connecticut University in the United States, has a model that can reach about 75 miles an hour within 15 seconds. "But that one's not for sale," he warns.

Buying a Trekker is good for the pocket book too, Yehuda points out. It costs about one seventh of a cent to drive it a mile. "We are selling a recession machine," he says.

Born with a set of wheels

You can already find his colourful electric scooters on the streets of New York, says Yehuda, because people come to Israel, fall in love with them, pack them in a box and take them back home.

You don't need a license to drive one, which makes it the best way to get to work if it's close by, says Yehuda, and perfect for getting to the point of commute at a bus stop or train station.

Yehuda first got the idea for an electric scooter after seeing the Go-Ped, developed by American evangelical Christian Steve Patmont who visits Israel often. After leaving university he began tinkering with the idea, trying to come up with his own version.

At Connecticut Yehuda learned how to mass produce, not how to create "wheels" he says. "I was born with wheels. I know about wheels. And don't think what I created is connected to my studies. There are things I knew before school. I went there because I wanted to learn how to [mass] produce, not do things one by one."

There is a philosophy behind the Trekker brand. "What's the reasoning of taking one and a half tons of metal to transport a 70 kilogram person?" asks Yehuda.

"Usually we're driving with one person in a car. We need to use more mass transportation and we can get you to that mass transportation on a Trekker. You don't need to know something to drive one. Just step on it. If you can level yourselves you can ride one."

So simple you can fix it at home

Each machine is built by one person from start to finish. Yehuda believes it is the simplest and most reliable piece of transportation out there. It's so simple people can even fix it at home, if parts break down.

Trekker now has a staff of 18 in Tel Aviv, and is speaking with possible partners in Switzerland, Holland, South Africa and Greece for developing the Trekker line in these countries. Yehuda isn't ready to mass-produce without planning ahead. Customer service, he asserts, has to come first.

"I have a lot of people that are interested. But we aren't expanding into America just yet. On the first day of opening there, we'd need to be able to merchandise for 350 million people. Since all these machines are based on service, we'd need to have the factories and service centers in America so people can get spare parts and service close to home," he explains.

While you might have to wait a little while to buy a Trekker if you live in the US, the other solution is a trip to Europe or Israel, to pack one for the flight home.

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The World of Free Energy

By Peter Lindemann, D.Sc.
Originally written March 1, 2001

In the late 1880's, trade journals in the electrical sciences were predicting "free electricity" in the near future. Incredible discoveries about the nature of electricity were becoming common place. Nikola Tesla was demonstrating "wireless lighting" and other wonders associated with high frequency currents. There was an excitement about the future like never before.

Within 20 years, there would be automobiles, airplanes, movies, recorded music, telephones, radio, and practical cameras. The Victorian Age was giving way to something totally new. For the first time in history, common people were encouraged to envision a utopian future, filled with abundant modern transportation and communication, as well as jobs, housing and food for everyone. Disease would be conquered, and so would poverty. Life was getting better, and this time, everyone was going to get "a piece of the pie." So, what happened? In the midst of this technological explosion, where did the energy breakthroughs go? Was all of this excitement about "free electricity", which happened just before the beginning of the last century, all just wishful thinking that "real science" eventually disproved?

Current State of Technology

Actually, the answer to that question is NO. In fact, the opposite is true. Spectacular energy technologies were developed right along with the other breakthroughs. Since that time, multiple methods for producing vast amounts of energy at extremely low cost have been developed. None of these technologies have made it to the "open" consumer market as an article of commerce, however. Exactly why this is true will be discussed shortly. But first, I would like to describe to you a short list of "free energy" technologies that I am currently aware of, and that are proven beyond all reasonable doubt. The common feature connecting all of these discoveries, is that they use a small amount of one form of energy to control or release a large amount of a different kind of energy. Many of them tap the underlying Ether field in some way; a source of energy conveniently ignored by "modern" science.

1) Radiant Energy. Nikola Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter, T. Henry Moray's Radiant Energy Device, Edwin Gray's EMA Motor, and Paul Baumann's Testatika Machine all run on Radiant Energy. This natural energy form can be gathered directly from the environment (mistakenly called "static" electricity) or extracted from ordinary electricity by the method called "fractionation." Radiant Energy can perform the same wonders as ordinary electricity, at less than 1% of the cost. It does not behave exactly like electricity, however, which has contributed to the scientific community's misunderstanding of it. The Methernitha Community in Switzerland currently has 5 or 6 working models of fuelless, self-running devices that tap this energy.

2) Permanent Magnets. Dr. Robert Adams (NZ) has developed astounding designs of electric motors, generators and heaters that run on permanent magnets. One such device draws 100 watts of electricity from the source, generates 100 watts to recharge the source, and produces over 140 BTU's of heat in two minutes! Dr. Tom Bearden (USA) has two working models of a permanent magnet powered electrical transformer. It uses a 6-watt electrical input to control the path of a magnetic field coming out of a permanent magnet. By channeling the magnetic field, first to one output coil and then a second output coil, and by doing this repeatedly and rapidly in a "Ping-Pong" fashion, the device can produce a 96-watt electrical output with no moving parts. Bearden calls his device a Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, or MEG. Jean-Louis Naudin has duplicated Bearden's device in France. The principles for this type of device were first disclosed by Frank Richardson (USA) in 1978. Troy Reed (USA) has working models of a special magnetized fan that heats up as it spins. It takes exactly the same amount of energy to spin the fan whether it is generating heat or not. Beyond these developments, multiple inventors have identified working mechanisms that produce motor torque from permanent magnets alone.

3) Mechanical Heaters. There are two classes of machines that transform a small amount of mechanical energy into a large amount of heat. The best of these purely mechanical designs are the rotating cylinder systems designed by Frenette (USA) and Perkins (USA). In these machines, one cylinder is rotated within another cylinder with about an eighth of an inch of clearance between them. The space between the cylinders is filled with a liquid such as water or oil, and it is this "working fluid" that heats up as the inner cylinder spins. Another method uses magnets mounted on a wheel to produce large eddy currents in a plate of aluminum, causing the aluminum to heat up rapidly. These magnetic heaters have been demonstrated by Muller (Canada), Adams (NZ) and Reed (USA). All of these systems can produce ten times more heat than standard methods using the same energy input.

4) Super-Efficient Electrolysis. Water can be broken into Hydrogen and Oxygen using electricity. Standard chemistry books claim that this process requires more energy than can be recovered when the gases are recombined. This is true only under the worst case scenario. When water is hit with its own molecular resonant frequency, using a system developed by Stan Meyers (USA) and again recently by Xogen Power, Inc., it collapses into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas with very little electrical input. Also, using different electrolytes (additives that make the water conduct electricity better) changes the efficiency of the process dramatically. It is also known that certain geometric structures and surface textures work better than others do. The implication is that unlimited amounts of Hydrogen fuel can be made to drive engines (like in your car) for the cost of water. Even more amazing is the fact that a special metal alloy was patented by Freedman (USA) in 1957 that spontaneously breaks water into Hydrogen and Oxygen with no outside electrical input and without causing any chemical changes in the metal itself. This means that this special metal alloy can make Hydrogen from water for free, forever.

5) Implosion/Vortex. All major industrial engines use the release of heat to cause expansion and pressure to produce work, like in your car engine. Nature uses the opposite process of cooling to cause suction and vacuum to produce work, like in a tornado. Viktor Schauberger (Austria) was the first to build working models of Implosion Engines in the 1930's and 1940's. Since that time, Callum Coats has published extensively on Schauberger's work in his book Living Energies and subsequently, a number of researchers have built working models of Implosion Turbine Engines. These are fuelless engines that produce mechanical work from energy accessed from a vacuum. There are also much simpler designs that use vortex motions to tap a combination of gravity and centrifugal force to produce a continuous motion in fluids.

6) Cold Fusion. In March 1989, two Chemists from the University of Utah (USA) announced that they had produced atomic fusion reactions in a simple tabletop device. The claims were "debunked" within 6 months and the public lost interest. Nevertheless, Cold Fusion is very real. Not only has excess heat production been repeatedly documented, but also low energy atomic element transmutation has been catalogued, involving dozens of different reactions! This technology definitely can produce low cost energy and scores of other important industrial processes.

7) Solar Assisted Heat Pumps. The refrigerator in your kitchen is the only "free energy machine" you currently own. It's an electrically operated heat pump. It uses one amount of energy (electricity) to move three amounts of energy (heat). This gives it a "co-efficient of performance" (COP) of about 3. Your refrigerator uses one amount of electricity to pump three amounts of heat from the inside of the refrigerator to the outside of the refrigerator. This is its typical use, but it is the worst possible way to use the technology. Here's why. A heat pump pumps heat from the "source" of heat to the "sink" or place that absorbs the heat. The "source" of heat should obviously be HOT and the "sink" for heat should obviously be COLD for this process to work the best. In your refrigerator, it's exactly the opposite. The "source" of heat is inside the box, which is COLD, and the "sink" for heat is the room temperature air of your kitchen, which is warmer than the source. This is why the COP remains low for your kitchen refrigerator. But this is not true for all heat pumps. COP's of 8 to 10 are easily attained with solar assisted heat pumps. In such a device, a heat pump draws heat from a solar collector and dumps the heat into a large underground absorber, which remains at 55° F, and mechanical energy is extracted in the transfer. This process is equivalent to a steam engine that extracts mechanical energy between the boiler and the condenser, except that it uses a fluid that "boils" at a much lower temperature than water. One such system that was tested in the 1970's produced 350 hp, measured on a Dynamometer, in a specially designed engine from just 100-sq. ft. of solar collector. (This is NOT the system promoted by Dennis Lee.) The amount of energy it took to run the compressor (input) was less than 20 hp, so this system produced more than 17 times more energy than it took to keep it going! It could power a small neighborhood from the roof of a hot tub gazebo, using exactly the same technology that keeps the food cold in your kitchen. Currently, there is an industrial scale heat pump system just north of Kona, Hawaii that generates electricity from temperature differences in ocean water.

There are dozens of other systems that I have not mentioned, many of them are as viable and well tested as the ones I have just recounted. But this short list is sufficient to make my point: free energy technology is here, now. It offers the world pollution-free, energy abundance for everyone, everywhere. It is now possible to stop the production of "greenhouse gases" and shut down all of the nuclear power plants. We can now desalinate unlimited amounts of seawater at an affordable price, and bring adequate fresh water to even the most remote habitats. Transportation costs and the production costs for just about everything can drop dramatically. Food can even be grown in heated greenhouses in the winter, anywhere. All of these wonderful benefits that can make life on this planet so much easier and better for everyone have been postponed for decades. Why? Whose purposes are served by this postponement?

The Invisible Enemy

There are four gigantic forces that have worked together to create this situation. To say that there is and has been a "conspiracy" to suppress this technology only leads to a superficial understanding of the world, and it places the blame for this completely outside of ourselves. Our willingness to remain ignorant and actionless in the face of this situation has always been interpreted by two of these forces as "implied consent." So, besides a "non-demanding public," what are the other three forces that are impeding the availability of free energy technology?

1st Force — The Money Monopoly

In standard economic theory, there are three classes of Industry. These are Capital, Goods, and Services. Within the first class, Capital, there are also three sub-classes. These are: 1) Natural Capital. This relates to raw materials (such as a gold mine) and sources of energy (such as a hydroelectric dam or an oil well). 2) Currency. This relates to the printing of paper "money" and the minting of coins. These functions are usually the job of Government. And 3) Credit. This relates to the loaning of money for interest and its extension of economic value through deposit loan accounts. From this, it is easy to see, that energy functions in the economy in the same way as gold, the printing of money by the Government, or the issuing of credit by a bank.

In the United States, and in most other countries around the world, there is a "money monopoly" in place. I am "free" to earn as much "money" as I want, but I will only be paid in Federal Reserve Notes. There is nothing I can do to be paid in Gold Certificates, or some other form of "money." This money monopoly is solely in the hands of a small number of private stock banks, and these banks are owned by the Wealthiest Families in the world. Their plan is to eventually control 100% of all of the Capital resources of the world, and thereby control everyone's life through the availability (or non-availability) of all goods and services. An independent source of wealth (free energy device) in the hands of each and every person in the world, ruins their plans for world domination, permanently. Why this is true is easy to see. Currently, a nation's economy can be either slowed down or sped up by the raising or lowering of interest rates. But if an independent source of capital (energy) were present in the economy, and any business or person could raise more capital without borrowing it from a bank, this centralized throttling action on interest rates would simply not have the same effect. Free energy technology changes the value of money. The Wealthiest Families and the Issuers of Credit do not want any competition. It's that simple. They want to maintain their current monopoly control of the money supply. For them, free energy technology is not just something to suppress, it must be PERMANENTLY FORBIDDEN!

So, the Wealthiest Families and their Central Banking institutions are the First Force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy technology. Their motivations are the imagined "divine right to rule", greed, and their insatiable need to control everything except themselves. The weapons they have used to enforce this postponement include intimidation, "expert" debunkers, buying and shelving of technology, murder and attempted murder of the inventors, character assassination, arson, and a wide variety of financial incentives and disincentives to manipulate possible supporters. They have also promoted the general acceptance of a scientific theory that states that free energy is impossible (Laws of Thermodynamics).

2nd Force — National Governments

The Second Force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy technology is National Governments. The problem here is not so much related to competition in the printing of currency, but in the maintenance of National Security. The fact is, the world out there is a jungle, and humans can be counted upon to be very cruel, dishonest, and sneaky. It is Government's job to "provide for the common defense." For this, "police powers" are delegated by the Executive Branch of Government to enforce "the rule of law." Most of us who consent to the rule of law do so because we believe it is the right thing to do, for our own benefit. There are always a few individuals, however, that believe that their own benefit is best served by behavior that does not voluntarily conform to the generally agreed upon social order. These people choose to operate outside of "the rule of law" and are considered outlaws, criminals, subversives, traitors, revolutionaries, or terrorists.

Most National Governments have discovered, by trial and error, that the only Foreign Policy that really works, over time, is a policy called "Tit for Tat." What this means to you and me is, that governments treat each other the way they are being treated. There is a constant "jockeying" for position and influence in world affairs, and the STRONGEST party wins! In economics, it's the Golden Rule, which states: "The one with the Gold makes the Rules." So it is with politics also, but its appearance is more Darwinian. It's simply "survival of the fittest." In politics, however, the "fittest" has come to mean the strongest party who is also willing to fight the dirtiest. Absolutely every means available is used to maintain an advantage over the "adversary", and everyone else is the "adversary" regardless of whether they are considered friend or foe. This includes outrageous psychological posturing, lying, cheating, spying, stealing, assassination of world leaders, proxy wars, alliances and shifting alliances, treaties, foreign aid, and the presence of military forces wherever possible. Like it or not, this IS the psychological and actual arena National Governments operate in. No National Government will ever do anything that simply gives an adversary an advantage for free. NEVER! It's national suicide. Any activity by any individual, inside or outside the country, that is interpreted as giving an adversary an edge or advantage, in any way, will be deemed a threat to "National Security." ALWAYS!

Free energy technology is a National Government's worst nightmare! Openly acknowledged, free energy technology sparks an unlimited arms race by all governments in a final attempt to gain absolute advantage and domination. Think about it. Do you think Japan will not feel intimidated if China gets free energy? Do you think Israel will sit by quietly as Iraq acquires free energy? Do you think India will allow Pakistan to develop free energy? Do you think the USA would not try to stop Osama bin Laden from getting free energy? Unlimited energy available to the current state of affairs on this planet leads to an inevitable reshuffling of the "balance of power." This could become an all-out war to prevent "the other" from having the advantage of unlimited wealth and power. Everybody will want it, and at the same time, want to prevent everyone else from getting it.

So, National Governments are the Second Force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy technology. Their motivations are "self-preservation." This self-preservation operates on three levels. First, by not giving undue advantage to an external enemy. Second, by preventing individualized action capable of effectively challenging official police powers (anarchy) within the country. And third, by preserving income streams derived from taxing energy sources currently in use. Their weapons include the preventing of the issuance of patents based on National Security grounds, the legal and illegal harassment of inventors with criminal charges, tax audits, threats, phone taps, arrest, arson, theft of property during shipment, and a host of other intimidations which make the business of building and marketing a free energy machine impossible.

3rd Force — Delusion and Dishonesty in the FE Movement

The Third Force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy technology consists of the group of deluded inventors and out right charlatans and con men. On the periphery of the extraordinary scientific breakthroughs that constitute the real free energy technologies, lies a shadow world of unexplained anomalies, marginal inventions and unscrupulous promoters. The first two Forces have constantly used the media to promote the worst examples of this group, to distract the public's attention and to discredit the real breakthroughs by associating them with the obvious frauds.

Over the last hundred years, dozens of stories have surfaced about unusual inventions. Some of these ideas have so captivated the public's imagination that a mythology about these systems continues to this day. Names like Keely, Hubbard, Coler, and Henderschott immediately come to mind. There may be real technologies behind these names, but there simply isn't enough technical data available in the public domain to make a determination. These names remain associated with a free energy mythology, however, and are sited by debunkers as examples of fraud.

The idea of free energy taps very deeply into the human subconscious mind. A few inventors with marginal technologies that demonstrate useful anomalies have mistakenly exaggerated the importance of their inventions. Some of these inventors also have mistakenly exaggerated the importance of THEMSELVES for having invented it. A combination of "gold fever" and/or a "messiah complex" appears, wholly distorting any future contribution they may make. While the research thread they are following may hold great promise, they begin to trade enthusiasm for facts, and the value of the scientific work from that point on suffers greatly. There is a powerful, yet subtle seduction that can warp a personality if they believe that "the world rests on their shoulders" or that they are the world's "savior." Strange things also happen to people when they think they are about to become extremely rich. It takes a tremendous spiritual discipline to remain objective and humble in the presence of a working free energy machine. Many inventors' psyches become unstable just BELIEVING they have a free energy machine. As the quality of the science deteriorates, some inventors also develop a "persecution complex" that makes them very defensive and unapproachable. This process precludes them from ever really developing a free energy machine, and fuels the fraud mythologies tremendously.

Then there are the out right con men. In the last 15 years, there is one person in the USA who has raised the free energy con to a professional art. He has raised more than $100,000,000, has been barred from doing business in the State of Washington, has been jailed in California, and he's still at it. He always talks about a variation of one of the real free energy systems, sells people on the idea that they will get one of these systems soon, but ultimately sells them only promotional information which gives no real data about the energy system itself. He has mercilessly preyed upon the Christian Community and the Patriot Community in the USA, and is still going strong. His current scam involves signing up hundreds of thousands of people as locations where he will install a free energy machine. In exchange for letting him put the FE generator in their home, they will get free electricity for life, and his company will sell the excess energy back to the local utility company. After becoming convinced that they will receive free electricity for life, with no out-front expenses, they gladly buy a video that helps draw their friends into the scam as well. Once you understand the power and motivations of the first two Forces I have discussed, its obvious that this person's current "business plan" cannot be implemented. This one person has probably done more harm to the free energy movement in the USA than any other Force, by destroying people's trust in the technology.

So, the Third Force postponing the public availability of free energy technology is delusion and dishonesty within the movement itself. The motivations are self-aggrandizement, greed, want of power over others, and a false sense of self-importance. The weapons used are lying, cheating, the "bait and switch" con, self-delusion and arrogance combined with lousy science.

4th Force — A Non-Demanding Public

The Fourth Force operating to postpone the public availability of free energy technology is all of the rest of us. It may be easy to see how narrow and despicable the motivations of the other Forces are, but actually, these motivations are still very much alive in each of us as well. Like the Wealthiest Families, don't we each secretly harbor illusions of false superiority, and the want to control others instead of ourselves? Also, wouldn't you "sell out" if the price were high enough, say, take $1 million dollars, cash, today? Or like the Governments, don't we each want to ensure our own survival? If caught in the middle of a full, burning theater, do you panic and push all of the weaker people out of the way in a mad, scramble for the door? Or like the deluded inventor, don't we trade a comfortable illusion once in a while for an uncomfortable fact? And don't we like to think more of ourselves than others give us credit for? Or don't we still fear the unknown, even if it promises a great reward?

You see, really, all Four Forces are just different aspects of the same process, operating at different levels in the society. There is really only ONE FORCE preventing the public availability of free energy technology, and that is the unspiritually motivated behavior of the human animals. In the last analysis, free energy technology is an outward manifestation of Divine Abundance. It is the engine of the economy of an enlightened society, where people voluntarily behave in a respectful and civil manner toward each other. Where each member of the society has everything they need, and do not covet what their neighbor has. Where war and physical violence has become socially unacceptable behavior and people's differences are at least tolerated, if not enjoyed.

The appearance of free energy technology in the public domain is the dawning of a truly civilized age. It is an epochal event in human history. Nobody can "take credit" for it. Nobody can "get rich" on it. Nobody can "rule the world" with it. It is simply, a Gift from God. It forces us all to take responsibility for our own actions and for our own self-disciplined self-restraint when needed. The world as it is currently ordered, cannot have free energy technology without being totally transformed by it into something else. This "civilization" has reached the pinnacle of its development, because it has birthed the seeds of its own transformation. The unspiritualized human animals cannot be trusted with free energy. They will only do what they have always done, which is take merciless advantage of each other, or kill each other and themselves in the process.

If you go back and read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged or the Club of Rome Report, it becomes obvious that the Wealthiest Families have understood this for decades. Their plan is to live in The World of Free Energy, but permanently freeze the rest of us out. But this is not new. Royalty has always considered the general population (us) to be their subjects. What is new, is that you and I can communicate with each other now better than at anytime in the past. The Internet offers us, the Fourth Force, an opportunity to overcome the combined efforts of the other Forces preventing free energy technology from spreading.

The Opportunity for a Just Society

What is starting to happen is that inventors are publishing their work, instead of patenting it and keeping it secret. More and more, people are "giving away" information on these technologies in books, videos and websites. While there is still a great deal of useless information about free energy on the Internet, the availability of good information is rising rapidly. Check out the list of websites and other resources at the end of this article.

It is imperative that you begin to gather all of the information you can on real free energy systems. The reason for this is simple. The first two Forces will never allow an inventor or a company to build and sell a free energy machine to you! The only way you will ever get one is if you, or a friend, build it yourself. This is exactly what thousands of people are already quietly starting to do. You may feel wholly inadequate to the task, but start gathering information now. You may be just a link in the chain of events for the benefit of others. Focus on what you can do now, not on how much there still is to be done. Small, private research groups are working out the details as you read this. Many are committed to publishing their results on the Internet.

All of us constitute the Fourth Force. If we stand up and refuse to remain ignorant and action-less, we can change the course of history. It is the aggregate of our combined action that can make a difference. Only the mass action that represents our consensus can create the world we want. The other three Forces WILL NOT help us put a fuelless power plant in our basements. They will not help us be free from their manipulations. Nevertheless, free energy technology is here. It is real, and it will change everything about the way we live, work and relate to each other. In the last analysis, free energy technology obsoletes greed and the fear for survival. But like all exercises of Spiritual Faith, we must first manifest the generosity and trust in our own lives.

The Source of Free Energy is INSIDE of us. It is that excitement of expressing ourselves freely. It is our Spiritually guided intuition expressing itself without distraction, intimidation or manipulation. It is our open-heartedness. Ideally, the free energy technologies underpin a just society where everyone has enough food, clothing, shelter, self-worth, and the leisure time to contemplate the higher Spiritual meanings of Life. Do we not owe it to each other, to face down our fears, and take action to create this future for our children's children? Perhaps I am not the only one waiting for me to act on a greater Truth.

Free energy technology is here. It has been here for decades. Communications technology and the Internet have torn the veil of secrecy off of this remarkable fact. People all over the world are starting to build free energy devices for their own use. The Bankers and the Governments do not want this to happen, but cannot stop it. Tremendous economic instabilities and wars will be used in the near future to distract people from joining the free energy movement. There will be essentially no major media coverage of this aspect of what is going on. It will simply be reported as wars and civil wars erupting everywhere, leading to UN "Peace Keeper" occupation in more and more countries.

Western Society is spiraling down toward self-destruction, due to the accumulated effects of long-term greed and corruption. The general availability of free energy technology cannot stop this trend. It can only reinforce it. If, however, you have a free energy device, you may be better positioned to survive the political/social/economic transition that is underway. No National Government will survive this process. The question is, who will ultimately control the emerging World Government, the First Force, or the Fourth Force?

The last Great War is almost upon us. The seeds are planted. After this will come the beginning of a real Civilization. Some of us who refuse to fight will survive to see the dawn of the World of Free Energy. I challenge you to be among the ones who try.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Israeli method 'de-claws' plutonium for peaceful use

By ISRAEL21c staff
March 12, 2009

"It is easier to denature plutonium than to denature the evil spirit of man," Albert Einstein once said. Einstein's rueful sentiment may, in fact, be proven true by engineers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev who have developed a denaturing technique that could help combat the evils of nuclear proliferation.

The method denatures the plutonium created in large nuclear reactors by adding Americium (Am 241), a form of the basic synthetic element found in commercial smoke detectors and industrial gauges. Once denatured, the plutonium is unsuitable for use in armaments.

An article on the technique and findings will appear next month in the international journal Science and Global Security, for peer-reviewed scientific and technical studies relating to arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation policy.

Currently, five major countries produce large nuclear reactors: the US, Russia, Germany, France and Japan. The article suggests that if these countries all agreed to add the denaturing additive into all plutonium, it would prevent nuclear fuel being used for weapons.

Peaceful purposes, not warfare

"When you purchase a nuclear reactor from one of the five countries, it also provides the nuclear fuel for the reactor," explains Prof. Yigal Ronen, of BGU?s Department of Nuclear Engineering, who headed the project. "Thus, if the five agree to insert the additive into fuel for countries now developing nuclear power -- such as Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Namibia, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen -- they will have to use it for peaceful purposes rather than warfare."

Nuclear fuel used in nuclear reactors has two isotopes of uranium. One is fissionable, while the other is not. The unfissionable component undergoes a number of nuclear reactions, turning some of it into plutonium. The plutonium also includes fissionable and unfissionable components. The amount of fissionable components created in nuclear reactors is enough to be used as nuclear weapons.

"Countries that purchase nuclear reactors usually give the spent fuel back to the producer," explains Ronen. "They wouldn't be able to get new plutonium for weapons if it is denatured, but countries that make nuclear fuel could decide not to denature it for themselves."

Ronen originally worked on Neptonium 237 for the purpose of denaturing plutonium, but switched to Americium, which is meant for pressurized water reactors (PWRs), such as the one being built in Iran.

Technology produces a fuel from vegetable oil - not biodiesel











Renewable Fuel Products has developed a renewable diesel fuel production technology that produces a fuel from renewable sources of vegetable oil that meets the diesel specifications (D975) of petroleum derived diesel fuel.

The Renewable Fuel Products process equipment is a small scale reactor producing approximately 50,000 gallons of fuel per year that can be modularly scaled up to any size of refining facility.

The Renewable Fuel Products process requires no external inputs besides a vegetable oil based feedstock, so eliminates the need for inputs such as the methanol used in the production of Biodiesel or the hydrogen used in the production of Renewable Diesel.

The Renewable Fuel Products reactor is low cost unit, not sensitive to the feedstock water content and works well even with high Free Fatty Acid (FFA) content oil.

© 2007 Renewable Fuel Products, Inc. all rights reserved.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

MIT Undergrads Create Shock Absorber That Generates Energy

February 23, 2009
Photo Credit: Donna Coveney
by David Chandler, MIT
Massachusetts, United States []

A team of MIT undergraduate students has invented a shock absorber that harnesses energy from small bumps in the road, generating electricity while it smooths the ride more effectively than conventional shocks. The students hope to initially find customers among companies that operate large fleets of heavy vehicles. They have already drawn interest from the U.S. military and several truck manufacturers.

"Simply put -- we want this technology on every heavy-truck, military vehicle and consumer hybrid on the road."

-- Shakeel Avadhany, MIT Senior

Senior Shakeel Avadhany (pictured in lead image, top left) and his teammates say they can produce up to a 10 percent improvement in overall vehicle fuel efficiency by using the regenerative shock absorbers. The company that produces Humvees for the army, and is currently working on development of the next-generation version of the all-purpose vehicle, is interested enough to have loaned them a vehicle for testing purposes.

The project came about because "we wanted to figure out where energy is being wasted in a vehicle," senior Zack Anderson (below, with prototype shock absorber)explains. Some hybrid cars already do a good job of recovering the energy from braking, so the team looked elsewhere, and quickly homed in on the suspension.

They began by renting a variety of different car models, outfitting the suspension with sensors to determine the energy potential, and driving around with a laptop computer recording the sensor data. Their tests showed "a significant amount of energy" was being wasted in conventional suspension systems, Anderson says, "especially for heavy vehicles."

Once they realized the possibilities, the students set about building a prototype system to harness the wasted power. Their prototype shock absorbers use a hydraulic system that forces fluid through a turbine attached to a generator. The system is controlled by an active electronic system that optimizes the damping, providing a smoother ride than conventional shocks while generating electricity to recharge the batteries or operate electrical equipment.

In their testing so far, the students found that in a 6-shock heavy truck, each shock absorber could generate up to an average of 1 kW on a standard road — enough power to completely displace the large alternator load in heavy trucks and military vehicles, and in some cases even run accessory devices such as hybrid trailer refrigeration units.

They filed for a patent last year and formed a company, called Levant Power Corp., to develop and commercialize the product (pictured below, right). They are currently doing a series of tests with their converted Humvee to optimize the system's efficiency. They hope their technology will help give an edge to the military vehicle company in securing the expected $40 billion contract for the new army vehicle called the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle, or JLTV.

"They see it as something that's going to be a differentiator" in the quest for that lucrative contract, says Avadhany. He adds, "it is a completely new paradigm of damping."

"This is a disruptive technology," Anderson says. "It's a game-changer."

"Simply put — we want this technology on every heavy-truck, military vehicle and consumer hybrid on the road," Avadhany says.

The team has received help from MIT's Venture Mentoring Service, and has been advised by Yet-Ming Chiang, the Kyocera Professor of Ceramics in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and founder of A123 Systems, a supplier of high-power lithium-ion batteries.

Not only would improved fuel efficiency be a big plus for the army by requiring less stockpiling and transportation of fuel into the war zone, but the better ride produced by the actively controlled shock absorbers makes for safer handling, the students say. "If it's a smoother ride, you can go over the terrain faster," says Anderson.

The new shocks also have a fail-safe feature: If the electronics fail for any reason, the system simply acts like a regular shock absorber.

David Chandler is a writer in the MIT News Office.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Major Electric Car Agreement Signed by 19 Israeli Companies


by Malkah Fleisher

( Thrilling Israeli opponents to foreign energy dependence as well as environmentalists across the country, 19 Israeli companies have signed cooperation agreements to test the suitability of electric cars for their company fleets in the first stage of the electric car program of Israeli venture-company Better Place.

Aiming to reduce global oil dependency and provide consumers with cleaner, sustainable personal transportation, Better Place employs swappable batteries, battery charging spots and battery exchange stations, and is aiming to operate its first electric car charging network in Israel and Denmark by 2011.

Israeli companies taking part in the test project represent Israeli high tech, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, finance, food, manufacturing and telecommunications industries. Participants include Israel Corporation, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Pelephone Communications, Partner Communications, Matrix IT, Direct Insurance- Financial Investments, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Netafim, Keter Plastics, Orbotech, Jafora Tabori, Manpower Israel, SQlink, Nike Israel, and Glasshouse Technologies.

The first stage of development will include designing and installing recharging points for company parking lots and employee homes.

Better Place CEO Shai Agassi called the program "the tip of the iceberg of global demand," saying he believes there is a potential global market of 50 million cars.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Unique Quantum Effect Found in Silicon Nanocrystals

July 27, 2007

Quantum dot materials may improve efficiency of silicon solar cells.
Golden, Colorado []

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), collaborating with Innovalight, Inc., have shown that a new and important effect called Multiple Exciton Generation (MEG) occurs efficiently in silicon nanocrystals. MEG results in the formation of more than one electron per absorbed photon.

In a solar cell device it is necessary to extract the electrons produced in the quantum dots and pass them through an external circuit to generate electrical power. Such experiments are currently underway at NREL, Innovalight and other laboratories to demonstrate that MEG can indeed lead to enhanced solar cell efficiencies.

Until this discovery, MEG had been reported over the past two years to occur only in nanocrystals (also called quantum dots) of semiconductor materials that are not presently used in commercial solar cells, and which contained environmentally harmful materials (such as lead).

The new result opens the door to the potential application of MEG for greatly enhancing the conversion efficiency of solar cells based on silicon because more of the sun's energy is converted to electricity. This is a key step toward making solar energy more cost-competitive with conventional power sources.

In a paper published on July 24 in the initial online version of the American Chemical Society's Nano Letters Journal, an NREL team reported that silicon nanocrystals, or quantum dots, obtained from Innovalight can produce more than one electron from single photons of sunlight that have wavelengths less than 420 nanometers (nm). When today's photovoltaic solar cells absorb a photon of sunlight, about 50% of the incident energy is lost as heat. MEG provides a way to convert some of this energy lost as heat into additional electricity.

To date, all experiments showing the production of more than one electron per absorbed photon have been based on various types of optical spectroscopy. In a solar cell device it is necessary to extract the electrons produced in the quantum dots and pass them through an external circuit to generate electrical power. Such experiments are currently underway at NREL, Innovalight and other laboratories to demonstrate that MEG can indeed lead to enhanced solar cell efficiencies.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Israel and California cut world's largest solar energy deal

The BrightSource Luz Power Tower reflects sunlight from the heliostats onto a boiler atop a tower.
This produces steam which is piped to a turbine to generate electricity. Photo credit: Eilon Paz
By Karin Kloosterman
February 12, 2009

An Israeli company and a Californian one are making solar power history: Southern California Edison (SCE) and BrightSource Energy from Israel have signed the world's largest solar energy deal.

Now awaiting approval from the California Public Utilities Commission, when the contracts are fulfilled -- this could happen by as early as 2013 -- the Israeli-CA sun project will power almost 1 million California homes.

Israel Kroizer, the chief operating officer, and president of BrightSource in Israel tells ISRAEL21c that when completed, it will be the world's largest solar energy project. Some 1,300 megawatts of energy will be created, with the first plant to be built in Ivanpah, California, expected to generate 286,000 megawatt-hours per year. The project will also create more jobs in the region.

"It's the biggest solar energy project ever signed," Kroizer emphasizes, and when complete it will be the largest solar energy plant in the world, he adds.

Towering sun stations

Last year, BrightSource created a media sensation when it launched its pilot plant in Israel's Negev Desert. Employing thousands of tiny mirrors called heliostats, BrightSource unveiled the Luz Power Tower -- the LPT 550 -- to reflect sunlight from the heliostats onto a boiler atop a tower. Producing steam from the concentrated heat, the steam is piped to a turbine to generate electricity.

Built with water-conserving principles in mind, the BrightSource system uses air-cooling to convert the steam back into water. The environmentally friendly closed cycle solution is, according to the company, designed to offer the highest operating efficiencies and lowest costs in the industry.

"We opened a pilot in Israel last year -- a demo plant to run some tests -- and we were really satisfied with the results. Now we are focusing in the States, and will respond to the [solar energy] tender being published in Israel. Israel is a target market for us, but it's not the same size as the US," Kroizer tells ISRAEL21c.

As part of the deal with its American partner SCE, BrightSource will maintain its engineering and logistics facilities in Israel. Equipment will be purchased from around the world, while the company's corporate offices for project and business development and financing will continue working out of Oakland, California. BrightSource, which was officially founded in 2004, and started operating in 2006, employs 30 people in the US, and 90 in Israel.

Next Up: Arizona and New Mexico

In a few months, Kroizer says, BrightSource will start constructing the solar project in the US, and next on its list for solar energy power plants are US sunny states -- all over southwest California, Arizona and New Mexico.

In the United States, BrightSource's partner SCE, is the country's leading buyer of renewables. In 2007, it purchased about 80 percent of all the solar energy used in the US. As the largest electric utilities company in California, it serves a population of about 13 million people, living within a 50,000-square-mile area in central, coastal and Southern California.

"These contracts represent a significant addition to our renewable portfolio, which is already the nation?s largest." said Stuart Hemphill, the VP of Renewable and Alternative Power at SCE. "This innovative solar technology helps to further our position as the nation's largest purchaser of solar energy, as well."

The World Economic Forum voted BrightSource as a 2009 Technology Pioneer. It was the only solar company to win this year's award, and is recognized for helping industrial customers reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

While BrightSource's contribution is significant -- the new plants will prevent two million tons of carbon dioxide greenhouse gases emissions from entering the atmosphere annually (about 335,000 cars-worth of emissions) -- it's not a golden bullet solution.

Says Kroizer: "I think it's important to have a variety of energy solutions. Solar energy won't solve the world's problems; we need a variety of solutions and solar can be one of them. Solar can supply a very nice percentage of energy in sunny countries," he concludes.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Israeli piston-less turbine engine; Revolutionized by a new kind of compressor

Pulling out the pistons for 100 miles to the gallon
By Karin Kloosterman
January 22, 2009

Americans love their cars, and own more of them per capita than anywhere else on earth -- some 765 for every 1,000 people. But turbulent financial times threaten both the automotive industry and the ability to put gas in the tanks of our favored mode of transportation. 

Electric cars offer promise, but switching over still has limits: infrastructure is lacking, new cars need to be built, and the electric car just doesn't have the same "muscle" as the petrol-fueled machines that Americans love. 

An entirely new solution may come by way of an Israeli company - Agam Energy Systems -- which has developed a piston-less turbine engine, featuring a new kind of compressor that the company hopes will revolutionize the automotive industry. 

American automakers are already taking notice, the company reports. 

Agam's chief technology officer and visionary is Dr. Gad Assaf, a physicist in energy and thermodynamics, who worked for the successful alternative energy company Ormat. According to Ofer Spottheim, the business development manager at Agam, Ormat considers Assaf to be one of the most creative minds in the business. 

Consumes 1/5 of the fuel, releases 1/10 of the emissions 

And while Agam's engine has passed feasibility studies, it's still in R&D. It could be ready by 2012 if a significant investment is made: "All the western world probably wishes it were ready right now," Spottheim tells ISRAEL21c. 

Now in touch with one of the world's biggest manufacturing companies, Agam is hoping for the stars to align so that it can get the strategic partner it needs to shift into high gear. 

"We have a prototype ready of the crucial part of the engine," says Spottheim. "The breakthrough is the compressor, which is now working according to expectations." 

Agam's turbine engine could be fitted into a regular car with some gear modifications, such as a Toyota Camry, and offer 100 miles to the gallon, the company boasts. This compares to about 21 miles to the gallon of today's average car. Road efficiency in cars is about 10 percent, says Spottheim, while Agam's engines promise 55% efficiency. 

And of course Agam's engine is good news for the environment too: It consumes about the fifth of the petrol of a piston-based engine, and emits one-tenth of the CO2 fumes that contribute to global warning. 

A ring around the engine 

While the motor industry today revolves around piston engines, Agam's engine is based on a two phase (liquid gas) turbine-like engine. Previous attempts to create a turbine-based engine have failed, the company believes, because of the energy needed by the turbines to run the compressors. 

Agam says it has solved the problem by creating a revolutionary liquid ring compressor that achieves a much higher mechanical efficiency. 

"The current engines are working with pistons and haven't really changed in the last 100 years," Spottheim explains. "Even with small improvements efficiency has been increased by 1 or 2%. On average, that amounts to about 10% efficiency if we consider the energy used at stoplights, and while accelerating." 

Up until now the company, which has been operating for nine years, and commercializing other products such as a solution to reduce humidity and heating costs in greenhouses and pools, has financed the new development, along with an investment of $1 million from an Israeli entrepreneur. Israel's Office of the Chief Scientist has recently pledged $125,000 to go towards more R&D. 

Agam is based in Hod Hasharon, Israel and currently employs five people. The new engine, the company adds, is designed not just for vehicles but also for industrial machinery and power plants.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Israeli's simple solution is set to revolutionize dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC)

From toothpaste to solar energy

Dr. Jonathan Goldstein, founder of 3GSolar holding a full-size prototype dye cell.
January 13, 2009

While searching for an ingredient to make toothpaste flow more easily, an Israeli chemist came across a novel way to produce inexpensive, clean solar energy. 3GSolar, the company born of that serendipitous discovery, is now poised to light up the developing world.

"There are maybe a billion and a half people living without electricity," Dr. Jonathan Goldstein, the British-born inventor and battery scientist who founded 3GSolar in Jerusalem in 2003. "Many governments of developing countries are keen on bringing people forward to improve their living standards."

Goldstein's deceptively simple solution is set to revolutionize dye-sensitized solar cell (DSC) technology, invented in 1988 by Swiss scientist Michael Graetzel. The cells are photovoltaic (PV), meaning they convert radiant energy - such as sunlight -- into electricity with the help of a layer of semiconductor.

"As a battery scientist, I saw why nothing commercial had come out of the invention: Cells were tiny and nobody knew how to scale them up to be something practical," Goldstein tells ISRAEL21c.

He knew that if he were able to make a larger DSC, it could be a cheaper and more available alternative to silicon, the relatively expensive and scarce semiconductor currently used in most solar-energy panels. Silicon solar panels are also costly to produce.

Here's where the toothpaste tinkering came in handy. Goldstein had invented a toothbrush with toothpaste preloaded in its handle. In looking for ways to ease the flow of paste to brush, he learned about a cheap white powder called titanium dioxide - and discovered that it not only solved his toothpaste problem but also had a track record in DSC technology. If treated with an absorbable dye, titanium dioxide becomes sensitive to light.

"You can easily screen-print thin layers of titanium dioxide on surfaces and churn out plates of this material and then oven-bake the layer on firmly - it can even be baked on in the air, with no need for expensive equipment," he explains.

Extracting generated current

Goldstein's low-cost current collector enabled building tablemat-sized cells and extracting the generated current.

Initially, 3G was funded by an Israeli government incubator program. In its second year, it caught the attention of New York-based venture-capital fund 21 Ventures. With a staff of 18 scientists working on the project, the concept quickly took shape.

"We're on schedule for pilot production in early 2009, with initial plant production in Israel in 2010," says Goldstein, adding that 3GSolar is on track to be the first PV manufacturer in Israel. It is also soon to become the first Israeli company on the Toronto stock exchange.

Government officials in Senegal and India are eagerly awaiting the first panels. "There is a lot of interest because PV is clean energy and it's always there on the roof if you get a blackout," says Goldstein. "People like to have that security."

He has an ambitious yet prudent business plan. "We will build ourselves up slowly within those [developing] markets and then move to industrialized countries in our second generation," he says. "These countries may buy just one or two panels per family -- not for air conditioning, but for the basic needs of someone who might have electric light in his home for the first time."

The glass-based titanium-dioxide-treated panels are expected to debut at half the cost of similarly sized silicon panels. "We believe as we make more plants, that will drive our cost down even more," says Goldstein.

He envisions maintaining a plant, and R&D facility in Israel, as well as licensing the technology to countries that will be using the panels. "The manufacturing plants can be put in anywhere because all you need is a screen-printing machine and some sort of oven," he explains.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Geothermic vs. Geothermal Energy - cheaper electricity

December 22, 2008

Geothermic Energy Could Power All Nations

by Peter Gawain, SIREX

A new renewable energy technology could truly revolutionize the way energy is produced around the world for a fraction of the cost of what we all pay for electricity now. There are zero emissions, zero heat loss to atmosphere, and this energy can last indefinitely into the future with no damage to local or larger ecosystems. It is called "GEOthermic Energy" (as opposed to Geothermal) and it uses the deep crust (lithosphere) heat.

It works by utilizing a new coring technology that employs dynamic forces that can be adjusted to the different rock materials breaking point. This means that it can easily bore through the various layers efficiently and effectively in a 10-foot diameter vertical tunnel Sirex Vertical Tunnels (SVT), making it possible now to go as deep as 12 miles down to reach the hot rock zone.

This tunnel is built robotically, is ringed with re-enforced casing, equipped with periodic horizontal platforms to act as locks and pressurized with an inert gas to stabilize the tunnel and subterranean earth movement. Then through an adiabatic recycling process — nitrogen (not water) — is heated from the earth's deep, solid rock heat reserves, and used to turn turbines/generators and produce an inexhaustible, clean energy source.

One of these SVTs will produce 2,000 megawatts (MW) of power. The boring equipment can be scaled up or down, depending on the project, and can be used for numerous other applications as well.

The Conventional Technology

Conventional drilling methods are restricted by extremely long and overstressed extensions used to rotate the drill-bit down in the hole, and this ordinary deep-drilling does not allow chiseling, hammering or roto-hammering through the hardest rock formations on earth.

To rotate the drill-bit these sensitive extensions must be pulled out regularly in order to replace the scraping, scratching and slowly inefficient operating grinding tools when they become dull, broken or not effective anymore. To remove all extensions, exchange the drill-bit, assemble the extensions and send it all back down the hole each time is a time-consuming and an expensive procedure.

Depending on the increasing weight of these extensions, the diameter of the bore-hole must be reduced telescopically to protect the extension-shafts from rupturing or breaking by gravity and their own weight. The difficulties associated with casing or building protective walls against contamination of the production medium is another severe obstacle of ordinary deep-drilling.

Our Technology

In stark contrast, SVTs can penetrate down to depths where the temperature is about 500º C from anywhere on land around the globe. This is more than twice the current depths with varying diameter bore tunnels and with SVT's it is done much more efficiently and with far less wear on the equipment.

The world of mining has changed. The efficient harvesting of high temperatures on a large scale with large bore-diameters is now obtainable, eliminating the need for a fuel source, emitting no pollution and creating zero waste heat or toxic waste. The chart below shows where GEOthermic diverges from Geothermal:




1. The view

white steam clouds escape

subsurface - invisible NO EMISSIONS

2. The location

restricted to irregularities

obtainable at all locations in the earth crust

3. Electricity costs

US $0.03 - 0.06 / kWh

US $0.02 - 0.03 / kWh

4. Permanent operation



5. Emission-free



6. Power production-rate

minimal - low


7. Temperature

250 ºC

500 ºC

8. Reheating required



9. Power plant capacity [GW]


2.0 - 8.0

10. Efficiency



11. Interference with landscape and environment



12. A balanced subsurface



13. Available in earthquake prone locations



It's visionary inventor, German physicist, Dr. Helmut Sieke Ph.D. lives in the Prescott, Arizona area. After working with his good friend and colleague Dr. Werner Von Braun on the ram-jet system over 35 years ago, he is credited with many innovations to his name; the pulse-generated coring technologies and his own version of a compressed-air powered vehicle technology to name just a few.

Providing clean, sustainable, inexpensive and virtually inexhaustible energy to power our world is the best way to provide a stable economic platform for all nations on which we can build a civil society. Using compressed-air vehicles can all but eliminate greenhouse gases (GHG) and man-made heat being released into our atmosphere.

Further, it will be possible to build manufacturing plants, government buildings, and super-structures on top of the SVT and underground Geothermic Energy Power Plants (GPPs), making it virtually unknown to the eye that it even exists.

Several southeast Asian countries have either approved funding and permitting or are in various stages of commissioning GPPs and the word is spreading.

Peter Gawain is the new U.S. Marketing Director of SIREX PHS, Inc. and President of RDI Energy Plants, Inc.; a renewable energy company primarily focused on Waste-to-Energy and Biomass technologies. You can watch a video of SIREX at . The website, which is currently under construction, will be available at